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2017 Evanston Municipal Election Guide

In 2017, Evanston is electing its local government, through a Primary Election on February 28th and a General Election on April 4th. Use this guide to learn more about the upcoming elections and how you can participate.

About Evanston City Government

City Council

The City Council of Evanston is comprised of the Mayor, City Clerk, and nine Aldermen. Each Alderman represents one of Evanston’s nine wards. The mayor, city clerk, and aldermen each serve four-year terms.

Ward Map

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Why Do Local Elections Matter to NU Students?

There are many issues that the Evanston Mayor and City Council work on that directly impact the lives of Northwestern students, including affordable housing and the cost of living (especially off campus), city infrastructure (such as bike lanes and street lights), community police relations, business and economic development (such as the expansion of downtown or the approval of liquor licenses), issues of racial and socioeconomic equity, and environmental sustainability. Evanston’s Mayor and City Council members serve four-year terms, so the decision makers you elect now will be in office throughout your time at NU. 

Learn more about the candidates for each office and where they stand on the issues.

Please note: The information here was compiled from publicly available sources in an effort to help provide students with non-partisan information that they may need to know in order to register correctly and vote in upcoming elections. Northwestern University does not endorse or oppose any candidate or organization in connection with this or any other political campaign or election. Students are responsible for working with their own local election officials to ensure their own correct registration and to verify local laws and policies about voting in their respective districts.