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2017 Evanston Municipal Election Guide

In 2017, Evanston is electing its local government, through a Primary Election on February 28th and a General Election on April 4th. Use this guide to learn more about the upcoming elections and how you can participate.

What’s on My Ballot?

Note: Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot. Candidate websites (or alternately, Facebook pages) are linked if they could be found. If you are aware of an official candidate webpage that we’re missing, please email us.

Mayor | City Clerk | Aldermen | School Board | Referendum | Learn More



Brian Miller
Mark Tendam
Gary Gaspard
Steve Hagerty
Jeff P. Smith

* Note: All candidates will appear on the Primary Election Ballot. Only the top two vote-getters will appear on the General Election Ballot, unless a candidate wins more than 50% of the vote in the primary. In that case, the primary result will be final, and this race will not appear on the General Election Ballot.


City Clerk

Rodney Greene
Devon Reid


Aldermen (by Ward)

(Which Ward Do I Live In?)

Ward 1
(Includes many on-campus addresses west of Sheridan Road and some common off-campus addresses)
Lee A. Cabot
Judy Fiske

Ward 2
Peter Braithwaite

Ward 3
Alex Morgan
Melissa Wynne
Alex Block

Ward 4
Donald Wilson

Ward 5*
(Includes some common off-campus addresses)
Robin Rue
Carolyn Murray
Daniel Featherson
Carlis Sutton
Misty Witenberg

* Note: All candidates will appear on the Primary Election Ballot. Only the top two vote-getters will appear on the General Election Ballot.

Ward 6
Thomas M. Suffredin
Virginia Mann

Ward 7
(Includes many on-campus addresses east of Sheridan Road)
Eleanor Revelle

Ward 8
Ann Rainey
Robert “Rob” Bady

Ward 9
Cicely L. Fleming
Shawn Jones

School Board

School Board District 65
(Four Seats with Four-Year Terms)
Candace Chow
Nicholas Korzeniowski
Lindsay M. Cohen
Suni Kartha
Joseph A. Hailpern

(One Seat with a Two-Year Term)
Anya Tanyavutti

School Board District 202
(Four Seats with Four-Year Terms)
Russell Kohnken
Patricia Savage-Williams
Gretchen Livingston
Patricia Maunsell
Jude Laude
Anne Sills



Property Tax Increase for School Funding


Learn More

We recommend reviewing candidates’ websites and candidate questionnaires, reading local news articles, and attending debates and forums before voting. Visit the Evanston RoundTable for candidate profiles and questionnaires, and for videos of candidate forums.

For a sample ballot, use the Cook County Voter Information Search Tool.

Please note: The information here was compiled from publicly available sources in an effort to help provide students with non-partisan information that they may need to know in order to register correctly and vote in upcoming elections. Northwestern University does not endorse or oppose any candidate or organization in connection with this or any other political campaign or election. Students are responsible for working with their own local election officials to ensure their own correct registration and to verify local laws and policies about voting in their respective districts.