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Check your registration status

Use the tool below to check your registration status. Am I registered? Is my information correct? Did I register back home? Where is my designated polling place? The tool below can help you research answers to those questions and more.

This tool can be particularly helpful for college students seeking absentee ballots. You may want to confirm that you are registered correctly before you request your absentee ballot (be mindful of absentee ballot deadlines though!).

Important Note

Please note that these registration databases can be very sensitive. In other words, if you registered as “Jonathan," you may not show up if you search for “John.” Likewise for “Ave." vs “Avenue," etc. The databases vary by state, so you will just have experiment with the tools. And we will provide you contact info for your state if you need additional help.

Please remember: NU Votes is simply an effort to help students register themselves. Students are responsible for working with their own local election officials to verify local laws and policies about voting in their respective districts, and to ensure that their registration and/or voting materials have been properly processed. Elections are managed differently by state and county boards of elections across the nation, and clerical errors can sometimes occur during processing. If you do not receive accurate registration and/or voting materials from your local election officials in a timely manner, please contact them to follow up.

Northwestern University does not endorse or oppose any candidate or organization in connection with this or any other political campaign or election.