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Use this tool to request an absentee ballot to vote by mail.

In some states, this can be done entirely online. However, in most states, you will need to print, complete, sign, and mail a form to complete the process. NU Votes can help with printing and mailing.

Review the absentee voting rules for your state to ensure you are eligible to vote by mail and must submit a request form to do so. Submit your request well in advance of your state’s deadline; we recommend at least 30 days before Election Day.

State Absentee Ballot Request Deadlines Closing!
Be sure to check your state’s deadline before proceeding. Most states are continuing to accept absentee ballot requests; however, official deadlines do not always allow enough time to receive and return your ballot. There may still be time to submit a request if you can do so online or via phone or email. If it is past your state’s deadline, contact NU Votes for advice on how to proceed.

Chicago, Evanston & Suburban Cook County Voters Only:
If you are already registered to vote at your current address or you recently registered or updated your registration through Illinois’ online registration form, we recommend using the online ballot request form at the following links, instead of the tool that appears below:
Evanston & Suburban Cook County Mail Ballot Application
Chicago Vote By Mail Application
If you live elsewhere in Illinois, and/or you recently registered or updated your registration using a paper registration form, then use the tool below to generate a paper absentee ballot request form, and mail it in the same envelope as your registration form (if applicable).

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Important Notes

Please remember: NU Votes is simply an effort to help students register themselves. Students are responsible for working with their own local election officials to verify local laws and policies about voting in their respective districts, and to ensure that their registration and/or voting materials have been properly processed. Elections are managed differently by state and county boards of elections across the nation, and clerical errors can sometimes occur during processing. If you do not receive accurate registration and/or voting materials from your local election officials in a timely manner, please contact them to follow up.

Northwestern University does not endorse or oppose any candidate or organization in connection with this or any other political campaign or election.