Vote in your state’s Primary Election this spring or summer + Become an NU Votes Ambassador for the General Election this fall!



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Become an Ambassador

NU Votes is seeking motivated undergraduate and graduate students to serve as NU Votes Ambassadors for the 2024 General Election. Engage in this meaningful, hands-on opportunity to develop skills in political organizing, gain voter engagement experience, and contribute to the most important part of the democratic political process.

On November 5, 2024, voters will choose the next President, one-third of U.S. Senators, every member of the U.S. House of Representatives, eleven state governors, and the vast majority of state legislators, in addition to countless other state and local officials. You have the opportunity to influence systems of power and make an impact on issues you care about by voting in Illinois or in your home state. Help others use their voice, too, by educating and motivating other students to vote.

Northwestern has recorded award-winning voter turnout in past years. Become an NU Votes Ambassador to help us break more records in 2024, and empower your peers to make their voices heard!



  • Participate in NU Votes Ambassador training prior to the start of classes, as well as biweekly check-in meetings throughout Fall Quarter
  • Volunteer approximately 2–4 hours/week from mid-September through early November
  • Support NU Votes’ outreach efforts via email, advertising, and social media
  • Present information about the election in classes, student group meetings, events, etc.
  • Initiate 1-on-1 conversations with your peers about registering and voting
  • Organize voter education and turnout events (speakers, discussions, ballot parties, trips to the polls, and more)
  • Serve as a visible presence for NU Votes within the campus community



  • Foster a culture of civic engagement on campus, help make Northwestern’s voter turnout the best in the nation, and have an influence on the 2024 election
  • Learn best practices in voter registration, education, and turnout to implement in your student groups and networks
  • Build hands-on experience with marketing, organizing, and political engagement
  • Receive exclusive NU Votes merchandise, free catered food at all meetings, thank you gifts and other giveaways, and more


Staff Opportunities

NU Votes will also be hiring for paid NU Votes Staff roles in Fall Quarter; Ambassadors are invited to apply to these positions as well. NU Votes Staff receive training on registration and voting in all 50 states, work voter services stations across campus, process registration and absentee ballot request forms, and support other voter turnout activities and events. NU Votes Staff must participate in additional training, and be available to work half-day shifts, up to 6–10 hours/week, from mid-September through early November. Staff are paid $15/hour. If you are interested in Staff opportunities, indicate that in your Ambassador application and include your resume.


Who Should Apply?

We are seeking NU Votes Ambassadors that reflect the diversity of Northwestern students. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, initiative, and organizational and leadership skills are desired. Previous experience with voter registration, education or turnout efforts, or other civic or political engagement is helpful but not necessary. Eligibility to vote in the U.S. is not required. Above all, we are seeking students who are passionate about engaging their peers in the upcoming election. Does this sound like you?


Apply Now!

Apply by Saturday, June 1st for priority consideration. Applications will be accepted and considered throughout the summer, through Sunday, September 15th.

Please note: The information here was compiled from publicly available sources in an effort to help provide students with non-partisan information that they may need to know in order to register correctly and vote in upcoming elections. Northwestern University does not endorse or oppose any candidate or organization in connection with this or any other political campaign or election. Students are responsible for working with their own local election officials to ensure their own correct registration and to verify local laws and policies about voting in their respective districts.